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Home Page of Bhrigu Jyotish.com by A K Pandey
Benefits of Astrology
Swastik & Others
Education , Child , Job , Marriage , Illness
(Health) , Loan , Land , House , Accident ,
Dispute between husband & wife, Peace in
Kalsarp Dosh , Vehicle , Religion ,
Breakage in Childs Education , Unwanted
loss in money, Problem in Luck. For all
types of Problem solutions just contact us...

Contact :-
Head office: Shop No. K-5/16, Kailash
Kunj Market, Indira Nagar - Faizabad
Road - Lucknow (U.P)
Email:- Pandeyakhileshwar797@gmail.com
Contact No. +91- 9839469785 , 9369165908
Scientific methods of energy balance
to achieve optimum health , prosperity
and success . All revolutionary Pyramid
Yantra explained in this website are for
peak performance at home , office or
factory . The base concept is pyramids
but in perfect union with principles of
Yantra , Vastu , Feng Shui and Reiki
The unique Swastik, is a symbol of fortune
and wellness. Mystic Benefits:
+ Bring all-round prosperity and wellness.
+ Must at home & workplace for progress.
   environment to influence the intellectual
+ Creates divine & positive energy
   at the entrance , rooms , walls or objects.
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For More Support: info@bhrigujyotish.com
Office No.: +91-9839469785
Home No.: +91-9369165908
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