Pyramid Yantra
                                Vastu Pyramid

More than 2.5 million pyramids are been used in Vastu till today, do not go by the words, try one for yourself!
  •   Multier 9x9 - original(multi layer pyramid set) (Practical PyraVastu tool)

The simplest and most powerful tool Multier 9x9 is an innovation for Vastu and Fengshui corrections and energy balance. Widely used for center activation, spiritual room shifting, land charging & so on.

Made up of 'Neutron' Polymer for more accurate results and perfection. Multier 9x9 contains one PyraTop, one Pyraplate and nine Pyrachips. The Top fits into the plate and all 9 chips are to be fixed at the bottom with an adhesive.

It can be installed on the wall, ceiling or under ground as per requirement. The number of Multier will increase in multiples of 9 such as 27, 81 and 405 but this depends on the area and the strength of the problem.

  •   Bemor 9x9(Energy and Luck enhancer)

Bemor 9x9 is used for main door luck activation, energy spread in house or office and for 9 energy beam generation.

This tool is very popular in Feng Shui, Vastu and other correction. Bemor 9x9 set contains one Lotus power 9'hole plate, one PyraPlate and nine PyraChips.

A pair of two Bemor 9x9 by the sides of main door with a combination of a Protect 9x9 in the center shows optimal results.
  •   Multier 9x9 - MAX(10 times more powerful than multier)

This advance new Multier Max is precisely developed by world-renowned Pyra Vastu founder, A K Pandey to maximize your pyra vastu results for more health & prosperity. Better result in Pyra Vastu obtained by it, are not only by accurate dimensions but also superfine tuning done by Grand Masters. Also vibratory frequency of each layers & all well matched components gives tremendous power to maximize its efficiency.
Ideal for vastu correction in flat, rooms & house. As Multier Max has power of nine original Multier Pyramids, you can use frequently for big projects like Factory Land, Farm & Hospital etc. It can be used in multiple of 9 such as 9, 18, 27... depends upon the area & strength of problem.

Secret Features:
- Mutli-Action Max Top,
- Cosmic Harmonizer Max Plate,
- 81 Pyra devine, 9 Max Chips,
- 9 Copperon programmers Max Base.

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