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At an early age of 13 years, I start studying Astro and Vastu Shastra. Firstly I take a little bit knowledge in English school then I didn't get peace of mind. Suddenly question arises What to do! What not to do?  That's when I decided to take knowledge of Astrology and Vastu Shastra. With Guru I started a study of Astro and Vastu Shastra.

I pursued various employments but found nothing satisfactory until I became an Astrologer.

A K pandey maintains a unique position in human thought. It is "believed in" by a lot of people who know practically nothing about it; and it is "disbelieved in" by even more who know absolutely nothing about it.

We serve Guru with honesty and dedication. We all take the knowledge of Astro together with Guru.

Now in pointing out that these arguments--the classics generally used against astrology--are not really arguments at all, I have not, of course, proved the truth of astrology. Far from it. I have merely cleared away the smoke of prejudice and confusion, in order that we may examine the subject on its own merits.

When I was 17 years old, "Shankracharya Ji" asked me that what do you know about astrology? Do you know about it or not?  Then I said "Maharaj Ji", you please ask question and I will reply then he got satisfied with me and I got admission in "Yagya". I have spend around 8 years to get learn all these things and when I was 20 years old I started my practice of astrology and architect. At present I have around 17th years of experience. Till the date I made thousands of kundli and solved a number of architect problems by "Bhrigu Sahinta".
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